Free From Skincare Awards tulokset!

Brittien kansainvälinen Free From Skincare Awards on ratkennut! Kisa oli mielenkiintoinen ja saimme sen kautta arvokasta tietoa miten tällaiset kilpailut yleensä toimivat. Valitettavasti kumpikaan jatkoon päässeistä tuotteistamme ei tällä kertaa yltänyt palkintosijoille asti. Saimme kuitenkin käyttöömme testaajien palautteet kummastakin tuotteesta ja palautteista ilmenee kaksikin ratkaisevaa seikkaa tuotteidemme sijoittumiseen liittyen:

saaren taika kamomilla sheavoide ffsa19 shortilisted

-Erikseen toimittamiani käännöksiä tuoteselosteista ei oltu toimitettu kaikkien testaajien saataville, jolloin tuotteiden käyttötarkoitus ja muut tiedot olivat jääneet testaajilta hieman hämärän peitoon ja tämä oli vaikuttanut niin tuotteen käyttötapoihin, kuin tuloksiinkin.

-Brittanniassa ”ongelmaiho” ilmeisesti käsittää lähinnä hieman kuivahkon ihon kyynerpäistä ja polvista, eikä juurikaan ihottumia tai muita täällä Pohjolassa tutumpia iho-ongelmia ja siksi esim. Kamomilla Sheavoide ei päässyt näyttämään kaikille testaajilleen sitä mihin se on vartavasten kehitetty Käännösten puuttuminen oli johtanut voiteen käyttöön normaalina vartalovoiteena enemmänkin kuin paikallisten ihottumien hoitoon, johon se on suunniteltu.

Alla otteita testaajien kommenteista

Veera Suolasaippua:

saaren taika veera suolasaippua ffsa19

The soap lathered sufficiently well I thought, skin felt really clean after use. This is where this soap excelled: it worked wonders on dry patches and I could feel a difference from the first use. After a few days use the dry patches I used the soap on had cleared completely. They now feel smooth and there was no need to apply body cream as well. Its exfoliating in a very gentle way, did not feel gritty or too rough on the skin. Loved it. The soap has  held its shape and texture perfectly. I would not have considered a sea salt soap prior to testing but I’M now converted, this definitely delivered on its promises. My husband and I both used it and were equally as impressed. I will buy again if I can source in the uk. Don’t change the formula or texture its perfect for what it promises. The box was in Finnish, but the ingredients were clear enough as was the c ore information (use before date).

Skin felt very clean and zingy when used in the shower, didn’t need as much moisturiser than when I used the soap in the bath.  Held its shape really well so easy to keep by the side of the sink.  Fragrance stayed with the product through the duration of the month.  No breakages at all. The softening effect on the areas that had a bit of cellulite reacted well with it and after a month did soften.  I think I would buy it again but use it when I felt my skin felt in need of some treatment or brightening. 

This soap smelled lightly and pleasantly of lavender, but not enough to leave a fragrance on the skin. This soap lathered very well with very little effort compared to most soaps made of natural products, in my experience. This soap gave my skin that characteristic ’clean’ feeling that one gets after using soap as opposed to shower gel. The easy lather made it easy to use in difficult to reach areas e.g. the back This soap definitely left my skin feeling cleansed. This soap held up very well and didn’t become at all squidgy or broken during the month’s testing. The fragrance seemed to fade a little though. I think this product made a lot of promises – to moisturise, reduce oils, reduce spots, reduce cellulite and more, and while it cleansed well and didn’t irritate my sensitive skin and eczema. The instructions and label were all in Finnish.

Kamomilla Sheavoide:

saaren taika kamomilla sheavoide ffsa19

The product was easy to use. I used it on my feet which are prone to dryness / dermatitis. The skin felt softer after first use but the product was quite oily and and sat on the skin. The product had an ointment herbal fragrance (you can smell the essential oils). It was a thick white whipped butter which was solid and melted when rubbed into the skin. It did mosturise the skin but I found the effects were temporary. I found that it did help with the dryness, which I liked. I think it is best suited as an ointment for small areas.

It was difficult to find the instructions as it is written in Finnish on the tin and on the brand’s website, so took me a while to translate the information. But once I did that the balm is easy to use. I used it on my son’s dry patches where he gets eczema, as well as a general moisturiser for the children. I found it was quite useful day to day, even grabbing a little for myself when my hands needed moisturising. The balm smells faintly floral and is a nice smell. The texture is of a thick, whipped cream that has set solid, and is also nice. The balm absorbs very slowly, it sits on the skin more than it absorbs. I found the balm was very soothing and my children liked it too.

I really liked this balm upon first use. I found a satisfying way to get it out of the tin was to press down on the surface and make the balm ‘ooze’ upwards and then scrape it off. I found this childishly enjoyable! The fragrance is delightful – really strong chamomile which I adore, but would not have associated with Finland necessarily (though I suppose neither is shea!). It fragranced the skin well. I have a feeling that in terms of performance this balm would work much better on ultra-dry areas rather than ordinary areas of skin – for instance, knees and elbows were where I saw some effects. Maybe a small tin of this, for dry patches only, would be better?

Mukavaa oli kuitenkin ottaa osaa kilpailuun ja kivaa saada ulkomaistakin palautetta tuotteistamme <3

Tärkeintä meille kuitenkin on omien asiakkaidemme tyytyväisyys ja se, että pystymme tuotteillamme auttamaan heitä, joilla on ollut ihon kanssa suurempia ongelmia, tai jotka eivät ole saaneet apua muista tuotteista <3

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