Acne skin care

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      Pimples, pimples and acne are often a nuisance for young people and teenagers, but it may start to bother adults as well, and especially in women it often occurs during menstruation (hormonal acne). Pimples and acne occur most often on the face, back, chest and sometimes also on the shoulders.

      In the treatment of acne, three points are emphasized;

      1. Cleansing acne skin (e.g. Saaren Taika Tea Tree Soap, which has been researched to prevent acne)
      2. Acne topical creams (e.g. salicylic acid cream or Spot Control pimple cream)
      3. Acne Moisturization (with face lotions and e.g. retinol serum or creams containing retinol), because even oily/acne skin can be dry and moisturizing prevents excessive skin dryness sebum production which can cause pimples.

      See our website for more detailed instructions acne treatment.

      Below you will find our recommended skin care products for acne skin chosen by our skin experts!

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