Mature and aging skin

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      Skin aging starts before the age of 30. Skin aging can be seen as skin dryness, wrinkles and lines, sagging skin and enlarged skin pores.

      Aging skin also undergoes color changes. The skin color may become paler or even yellowish gray. Pigmentation changes are also common on the skin of the backs of the hands, face and neck.

      When the skin ages naturally, it becomes thinner and the functions of the skin slow down. For this reason, surface dryness appears on the skin and the elasticity of the skin decreases. The color of naturally aged skin is often bright and translucent.

      Skincare routine for adult skin on our blog!

      In order to support the functions of the skin, it is recommended to add face water to the daily skin care routine. Rose micellar water contains elastin and collagen, which are important for the skin, which together help your skin maintain its youthfulness and elasticity.

      Before moisturizer, it is recommended to give adult and aging skin a serum, which improves the skin's ability to stay youthful.

      You should invest in skin hydration because it is the A and O of skin beauty. Properly moisturized skin is healthy, elastic, smooth, soft and intact. The best moisturizers for aging skin are; Coenzyme Q10 Hyaluronic acid 24H face cream and Collagen vitamin A (retinol) face cream!
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