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Merikollageeni Hyaluronihappo silmänympärysgeeli
Merikollageeni auttaa säilyttämään ihosi nuorekkuuden ja kimmoisuuden. Se palauttaa ihon kollageeni- ja elastiiniproteiinien säikeet ja vähentää ihon ennenaikaista ikääntymistä.

Merikollageeni silmänympärysgeeli on tehokas ennaltaehkäisemään pienten juonteiden ja ryppyjen syntymistä.

"Olen saanut pullistumat ohenemaan ja värin palautumaan huomattavasti lyhyellä ajalla. - Kiitoksin" Vieno S.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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      A pimple is an inflamed blackhead that occurs when bacteria that normally live on the skin start to grow and multiply in a blocked sebaceous gland.

      How can I get rid of blackheads and pimples??

      Treatment of impure skin

      Clean impure skin in the morning and in the evening. The dirt, dust and air pollution accumulated in the skin pores during the day should be carefully cleaned in the evening, because the skin renews itself at night and is then most receptive to the active ingredients of skin care products.

      The best way to avoid blackheads is their prevention with regular and careful skin cleansing, for which antibacterial Saaren Taika Activated Carbon Tea Tree Soap is a great choice.

      Saaren Taia's light salicylic acid cream opens and reduces enlarged skin pores.

      Remember moisturizing, whether your skin is dry or oily!

      The skin should also be exfoliated regularly, as exfoliation removes dead skin cells, which may reduce the occurrence of blackheads and pimples. Saari Taika face scrubs help your skin to brighten and make it more receptive to the active ingredients of skin care products.

      After peeling, always use a face mask for best results.

      Below our skin expert's best product recommendations for treating impure skin!

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