Greasy hair

Alpha Arbutin 2% + Hyaluronihappo seerumi
Tehokas Saaren Taika Ecolution Alpha Arbutin 2% + Hyaluronihappo seerumi pigmenttimuutoksien vaalentamiseen ja kirkastamaan ihoa!

Alpha Arbutin 2% + Hyaluronihappo seerumi auttaa vähentämään ihosi pigmenttimuutoksia.
Osta nyt!
      Excessive sebum production makes hair greasy quickly. The cause of excessive sebum production can be, for example: Stress, wrong type of shampoo, unhealthy diet or hormonal changes.

      It is important to choose the right shampoo and conditioner for oily hair. The Saari Taika selection includes Tea Tree Shampoo for greasy hair. After washing, hair also needs moisturizing.

      Saaren Taika Hair mask for oily hair has been developed to balance the oily scalp and prevent excessive sebum production.

      Our selection also includes Tyrni Marigold shampoo & conditioner, which are suitable for all types of hair and help balance the scalp's sebum production.