Seborrhoea, or seborrhoeic eczema, treatment at home

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      Seborrheic eczema is a long-term problem, the main task of treatment of which is to control the symptoms of sebaceous dermatitis.

      The most important treatment for sebum dermatitis is daily washing with water and a soap that removes rancid sebum and increased yeast and bacterial strains, but otherwise does not irritate the sensitized skin, does not dry out and thus increases the skin's sebum production even more.

      Our recommended skin care products for seborrheic eczema:

      Saaren Taika tea tree soap

      "I myself have bad seborrhoeic eczema and my skin itches and reddens all the time and I get sensitive to pimples every once in a while depending on the hormone cycle. The tea tree soap relieved the itching immediately and maybe even reduced the pimples a little. I will definitely continue to use it.”

      "This tea tree soap worked like a charm! Despite all these positive reviews and comments, I was skeptical when I ordered the soap to test for my father, who had been suffering from seborrheic eczema on his head and face for years. Unbelievably, the soap was effective after just a couple of uses!"

      Green Tea & Chamomile shampoo

      "The Green Tea & Chamomile shampoo clearly calmed my adult son's seborrheic scalp. Now he doesn't have to use strong cortisone solutions."

      Experiences with tea tree soap in the treatment of seborrhea, eczema and dermatitis

      Products for the treatment of eczema rash.

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