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Reduce your skin's dullness, impurities and puffiness with dry brushing

"Softer skin! I've only used the dry brush a few times, but my skin is softer as a result of using it and absorbs moisturizer better. The brush is pleasant to use- I am curiously waiting for longer-term effects!"

Dry brushing helps exfoliate dead skin cells and improves surface blood circulation on your skin.

The oval-shaped dry brush made of beech gives you a firm grip and you can adjust the strength of the dry brushing easily with your hand. Dry brushing is an effective exfoliation technique that only takes a few minutes and helps e.g. elimination of waste products from your body.

Benefits of dry brushing, gentle exfoliation for your entire body

Dry brushing exfoliates the dead skin cells from your skin and helps prevent the clogging of skin pores, which reduces the impurities in your skin. At the same time, it helps to reduce the dullness of your skin and promotes the absorption of your skin care products into your skin, making your skin brighter, moisturized and softer.

Regular dry brushing accelerates blood circulation and supports the cleansing and metabolism of your skin, and promotes the removal of waste products. Dry brushing can prevent the appearance of signs of aging, as skin cells receive more oxygen. With the revitalization of the metabolism, slag is removed better and cellulite can also be smoothed from the skin.

Dry brushing supports your body's natural lymphatic system, whose task is to remove useless substances from the body, such as slag and dead cells. Drink a warm cup of tea before or after dry brushing to get fluid into your system that better transports useless substances away.

Dry brushing relaxes the body and mind and helps keep cold limbs warm. Excellent for you if your fingers and toes feel cold.

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How to dry brush?

A dry brush is used for dry skin. You can start dry brushing from the soles of your feet and proceed with light, circular movements up the body to the chest, after which you can start dry brushing from the palms of the hands and proceed to the upper arms. Brushing should feel pleasant all the time and the intention is not to brush the skin red.

You can start dry brushing with a few minutes and if you want to extend approx. for 10 minutes.

Wake up your body effectively by dry brushing quickly in the morning and relax your body in the evening with a more thorough, longer dry brushing.

When you start dry brushing, your skin may tingle and feel sensitive at first.

After dry brushing, wash off dead skin cells in a warm shower and apply Macadamia Shea Butter or Anti-cellulite Almond Seetri Luxury Body Oil to damp skin, which prevents signs of aging and locks moisture into your skin.

When to dry brush?

Normal skin can be dry brushed daily with a dry brush. Do not dry brush if your skin is very sensitive, inflamed or sore. You can massage your skin lightly or by pressing with a soft Hamam towel.

Take care of your dry brush and extend the life of your dry brush

Rinse your dry brush thoroughly after each use and wash your dry brush once a week with natural antibacterial Citrus Cleaning Soap. Place the dry brush to air dry on, for example, an antibacterial wooden stand.

The best dry brush is made from natural materials

The material of the Saari Taika dry brush is beech wood and the handle is 100% cotton.The bristles are natural sisal fiber obtained from the leaves of the sisal plant. The natural bristles of the dry brush are very gentle on the skin, but still effective!

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