Saaren Taian Hyvästi Finnit -ihonhoitosetti kasvoille sisältää Teepuusaippuan, Aktiivihiili & Savi kasvonaamion, Spot Control tehovoiteen näppyjä vastaan sekä suojaavan Jojoba & Teepuu kasvoöljyn

Goodbye pimples set for the face

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An effective set for the treatment of pimples and impure skin

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Do you suffer from pimples and pimples? No worries, our Hyvästi finnit set contains all the products you need to tame impure skin! The set has everything you need to fight skin impurities!

The best skin care set for acne includes:

Activated carbon & clay face mask 100ml

Spot Control Power Cream 100ml

Tea tree soap 105g

Jojoba & Tea tree protective face oil 30ml

"Our expertise as developers of skin care products suitable for sensitive skin is top class, because I myself, the developer of our products, have very sensitive, dry and atopic eczema skin." -Johanna, Saaren Taika product developer

In this skin care set you will find the skin care products for pimples and impurities that are preferred and praised by our customers. See the end for easy instructions for your daily skincare routine.

Can you wash your face with soap?

Almost all of Saaren Taia's bar soaps are also suitable for washing the face, and in most of our bar soaps, dry skin and face washing have already been taken into account during the recipe development stage, because the product developer himself has atopic, dry and sensitive skin.

In bar soaps suitable for the face, the balance of cleaning and moisturizing is precisely optimized, so that the soap is able to clean excess sebum from the skin without removing too much of the skin's own beneficial fats.

Especially acne-prone skin should be washed with mild soaps suitable for the face instead of oil cleansers, because a lot of oil can remain on the surface of the skin and clog pores, which in turn may cause more acne.

Which soap is suitable for washing the face?

How do you use bar soap to wash your face?

How do I take care of my acne-prone skin?

  • Clean your skin with antibacterial and moisturizing Tea Tree Soap, which contains tea tree essential oil to help prevent skin inflammations and infections.
  • Apply locally or to the entire facial skin Spot Control power cream, whose antibacterial properties fight effectively against the causes of acne.
  • Lightly rub Jojoba & Tea Tree face oil all over your skin. The heat helps the skin care products to be absorbed and the light massage increases the blood circulation of your skin and with it the supply of nutrients to your skin.
  • Use the Activated Carbon & Clay face mask on your face approx. 1 - 2 times a week. It's perfect for deep cleansing the skin and helps smooth lines while removing dirt and excess sebum from the skin.

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