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Dry cupping is a very old treatment for muscles, neck-shoulder tension, sciatica and back pain. Dry cupping of the face area, on the other hand, effectively firms the skin and brightens the overall appearance of the face.

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Dry cupping, a suction cup massage with cups facilitates e.g. swelling, cellulite, muscle pain, headache and symptoms of rheumatism.

See our blog for instructions on how to start dry cupping.

With dry cupping, you get a boost in the skin's surface blood circulation and metabolism, which promotes the renewal of your skin and thus makes your skin brighter! It reduces stress and effectively opens muscle jams.

The skin on the face benefits from a suction cup massage, as it helps your skin to clear up and reduces swelling in the facial area. The end result is firmer skin, and with the Suction cup massage you can also stimulate your skin's collagen production, which prevents the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

15-minute dry cupping corresponds to approx. an hour-long massage. Regular suction cup massage helps the skin to firm up and it can also lighten scars.

The dry cupping set contains 4 suction cups of different sizes. The larger ones are good for use on the skin of the body and the smaller ones for the skin of the face.

What does dry cupping help?

The vacuum of the dry cupping cup invigorates the surface blood circulation of the skin and also activates the metabolism and lymphatic circulation. It removes waste materials and fluids and is also suitable for treating pain and acupoints.

Dry cupping is a great benefit for many different ailments. It is suitable, for example, for muscle maintenance and recovery from exercise, for removing muscle stiffness, soreness and tension, and for back pain. Dry cupping is known to be an effective treatment for reducing cellulite as well.

Dry cupping of the facial area helps reduce facial swelling and brighten the skin. It also helps skin care products to be absorbed into the skin and gives the skin more elasticity. Dry cupping has a stimulating effect on skin regeneration; it strengthens the skin and skin tissues and promotes the production of skin collagen. In this case, new, healthier skin cells rise to the visible layer of the skin faster. Regular facial dry cupping therefore firms the skin, reduces lines and wrinkles and can also lighten scars.

Dry cupping technique - how is dry cupping done?

By pressing and squeezing the dry cupping cup, a negative pressure is created, which absorbs the soft tissue of the skin.

On the body, you can either leave the cup in place to have an effect or move the cup on the skin, i.e. perform a suction cup massage. One area is massaged for about a minute, with movements going towards the heart. Before starting the massage, apply Saaren Taika body oil to the area to be massaged. The oil helps the cup to glide smoothly on the skin. Cellulite and muscle tension cupping may feel a little uncomfortable at first, but this will help quickly. Body cupping can cause skin redness, bruising and bleeding. This is completely normal and the marks will disappear in a couple of days.

The cups intended for the face are slightly smaller and more flexible than those intended for the body. In facial cupping, the movements starting from the center of the face are directed towards the temples, ears and jawbone on the same side. The suction cups should be moved on the face calmly, slowly and with long strokes. Apply Saaren Taika facial oil to the face before starting the massage.

Who is dry cupping suitable for?

Dry cupping is suitable as a method for everyone, regardless of gender or age, but there are some factors that temporarily or permanently prevent it. Dry cupping should not be done on broken skin or skin areas with moles or skin diseases. Cupping should also not be done in the area of ​​varicose veins (also cut ones), but cupping can be done around them.

Other factors that prevent dry cough include cancer or other serious illnesses, blood thinners and cortisone medication, blood disease (e.g. anemia or bleeding disease), severe diabetes, heart failure or severe heart disease, and pregnancy.

Dry cupping is also not recommended when you have a fever or are otherwise ill, or when a muscle has recently been strained or injured.

What material are Dry Cupping Suction Cup massage cups made of?

Dry cupping Suction cup massage cups are made of silica gel, which is a transparent, odorless, tasteless and non-toxic material.

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