Soothing and swelling-relieving foot care set
Soothing and swelling-relieving foot care set
Soothing and swelling-relieving foot care set

Soothing and swelling-relieving foot care set

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Pamper your feet with a soothing foot treatment!

With the products included in the foot care set, you can make a wonderful soothing and swelling-reducing treatment for your feet at home. The products in the set gently clean, exfoliate and moisturize the skin of the feet.

The foot care set includes:

Särkisalo Salt Soap 120g

Soothing foot cream 100ml

Saari Taika pedicure

Start Saaren Taika Foot Care with a relaxing 5-10 minute foot bath.

Add approx. 38 degree water to the dish and grate or soak it according to your preference Särkisalo Salt Soap. Särkisalo's salt soap makes the bath water antibacterial, helps prevent sweating and swelling of the feet, and relaxes the muscles.

Exfoliate your feet gently with Saaren Taika® Särkisalo Salt Soap. Exfoliate the skin with gentle circular movements, taking advantage of the coarse surface of Särkisalo Salt Soap.

The Himalayan rose salt in the soap works as an exfoliating ingredient. It is known to balance the pH of the skin, remove impurities, soften and moisturize the skin. Himalayan rose salt is known to help balance the skin's own oil production, and when used regularly, both dry and oily skin will benefit from this. Salt binds moisture and helps maintain the moisture balance of the skin after washing.

Salt is known to prevent sweat odors. Finish the exfoliation with a pumice stone treatment. Pumice gently softens calluses and removes even the most stubborn dead skin cells from the skin of the feet.

Dry your feet carefully and take care of the cuticles and nails. Rinse and dry your feet carefully. Don't forget to dry between the toes as well.

Gently push the cuticles back and trim the toenails. If you wish, you can varnish your nails at this point.

Finish the treatment with deep moisturizing, richly silky and soothing peppermint foot cream or wonderful Saaren Taika Macadamia Shea Butter.

Rub a generous amount of cream on the skin of both feet in a clockwise circular motion. You can apply the cream up to the knees. Enjoy the soothing effect of the cream.

If you wish, you can protect your feet with natural fiber socks after applying the cream, so that the cream can have a better effect on the skin.

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