Voidedeodorantti Appelsiini Merisuola on luomu, vegaaninen, alumiiniton ja soodaton
Voidedeodorantti Appelsiini Merisuola - Alumiiniton, Soodaton, Vegaaninen, Luomu
Voidedeodorantti Appelsiini Merisuola - Alumiiniton, Soodaton, Vegaaninen, Luomu
Voidedeodorantti Appelsiini Merisuola - Alumiiniton, Soodaton, Vegaaninen, Luomu
Saaren Taika Deodorantti Appelsiini Merisuola (Tropical) - Alumiiniton, Soodaton, Vegaaninen, Luomu

Cream deodorant Orange Sea Salt is organic, vegan, aluminum-free and soda-free. approx. 50ml - Island Magic 🇫🇮

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Saaren Taika Orange Sea Salt deodorant is organic, natural, vegan, aluminum-free and soda-free

Saaren Taika cream deodorants offer truly effective and non-irritating help for sweating, whether it is the sensitive area of ​​the armpits, the soles of the feet, "tit sweat" or "ball sweat". Choose a soda-free cream deodorant for sensitive skin! Use a hygienic spatula or dispensing spoon to dispense cream deodorant.

Saaren Taika Cream deodorant Tyrni is UNISEX, organic, vegan, aluminum-free and soda-free.

Contains shea butter and linseed oil as moisturizing and conditioning ingredients, moisture-absorbing starch, bacteria-neutralizing sea salt, and odor-neutralizing lavender and tea tree essential oil.

Scented with orange essential oil. Fragrance strength 2/5.

The sea salt we use is made from seawater by evaporation in the sun without chemical methods.

Ksize: approx. 50 ml

Our cream deodorant has been developed for sensitive skin for everyday use. The ingredients used in them support skin health, neutralize skin bacteria and moisturize the skin.

Our selection includes both soda-free and moderately soda-containing products, both of which are very well tolerated.

How to use:

Product information

Natural, vegan, organic, not tested on animals, aluminum-free, plastic-free

INCI: Butyrospermum parkii butter, Solanum tuberosum starch, Maris sal, Linum usitatissimum seed oil, Citrus sinensis Peel oil expressed, Lavandula angustifolia flower oil, Melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil, *d-Limonene, *linalool (*occurs naturally in essential oils )

INGREDIENTS: Shea Butter, Potato Starch, Sea Salt, Linseed Oil, Orange, Lavender and Tea Tree Essential Oil

Store at room temperature (approx. 18-22 °C)

Producer: Saaren Taika, Särkisalo

Made by hand in Perniö

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Soap factory

Saaren Taika® products are manufactured by hand at the Perniön Soap Factory

In Perniö, we produce zero waste cosmetics, which means that no waste is generated from the raw materials.

All of the raw material that goes into Taiketahta's production is used in its entirety, down to the last crumb. This way natural resources are not consumed unnecessarily!

Saaren Taika has used EKOenergia-labeled wind electricity in all its possible locations since the beginning of its operation.

The use of wind electricity curbs climate change, which may be accelerated by the use of fossil fuels.

With our own solar power plant, we now produce a large part of the electricity used in product design and in the production of Särkisalo.