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Saaren Taika Metsämikrobi body oil is an oil that effectively moisturizes and protects the skin, which contains Re-Connecting Nature forest microbe extract that restores the skin's microbiome balance.

Body oil containing macadamia oil helps prevent skin sagging and the appearance of lines caused by aging. The almond oil in the body oil makes your skin feel incredibly soft while helping your skin cells regenerate. The antioxidants it contains protect your skin from the stress caused by the sun's harmful UV rays.

With the daily use of forest microbe body oil, you get moisturized, soft and elastic skin, while the forest extract helps improve your skin's microbiome balance and promote the functions of your skin's protective layer.

Forest microbe body oil restores your physical connection to nature and creates a healthier base for your skin's microbiome, thus helping your body better defend itself against external stressors.

Forest microbe cosmetics

The lack of daily contact with nature in the urban environment has affected people's health and well-being. Studies have found that many of today's diseases, such as asthma, rashes, psoriasis, eczema and acne, are caused by changes in the human microbiome, i.e. the microbial balance of the skin and gut.

When there is a lack of contact with nature, our microbiome also changes, and our body is no longer able to protect us as well from external stressors, and then different skin problems can arise.

Give your skin a forest bath with the Metsämikrobi skincare set and help restore your skin's microbial balance, resulting in beautiful, healthier skin.

Improve your well-being with nature's best oils!

Forest microbe body oil contains Sunflower oil is a light and well-tolerated oil that does not clog skin pores and contains plenty of deeply moisturizing ingredients, which are especially useful in the treatment of very dry skin.

The Macadamia oil contained in the body oil is special among vegetable oils in that it contains a lot of palmitic acid. Palmitic acid occurs naturally in the skin's protective layer, and therefore macadamia oil, rich in palmitic acid, strengthens the skin's protective mechanism and thus helps the skin to better protect itself from external factors such as cold, wind and air pollution.

Macadamia oil is especially recommended for use in the treatment of impure and acne-prone skin, as palmitic acid isolated from macadamia oil has been found to have antimicrobial effects in laboratory tests. Palmitic acid also enhances the passage of macadamia oil through the layers of the skin to the deeper parts of the skin.

Macadamia oil is a light oil that does not leave the skin feeling greasy. It is still perfectly suitable for the treatment of dry and also aging skin. Our skin's natural palmitic acid content decreases with age, and body oil containing macadamia oil helps to prevent skin sagging and the appearance of lines caused by aging. Palmitic acid is a powerful antioxidant that helps our skin fight against free radicals, i.e. reactive forms of oxygen.

The body oil also uses Almond oil, which contains plenty of vitamins A and E, Omega-3 fatty acids and Zinc. It makes your skin feel incredibly soft while helping your skin cells regenerate. The antioxidants it contains protect your skin from the stress caused by the sun's harmful UV rays.

In ancient Chinese Ayurvedic medicine, almond oil has been used to reduce the redness of scars and there are also studies that suggest that Almond oil may have beneficial effects in the treatment of pregnancy scars.

The uniqueness of Finnish nature

Finland's rich and clean nature offers the opportunity for a diverse microbial community to occur. Our high-quality soil is like the Champagne region in France, known for its uniqueness.

The cleanliness of Finland's soil, air and water, as well as our country's strict legislation, have created the conditions where there is the lowest level of antibiotic resistance in the world. This and Finland's long, cold and pathogen-destroying winter make Finland's soil unique.

Re-Connecting Nature®

The Re-Connecting Nature® extract brings abundant natural biodiversity into skin care products in a safe and easy-to-use form. Re-Connecting Nature®
  • Helps restore the skin's natural microbiome balance
  • Provides an opportunity to connect with rich biodiversity.
  • Supports the protective functions of the skin
  • Helps increase collagen production
  • Helps speed up skin regeneration and healing
  • Reduces redness and irritation of sunburned skin
  • Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin

Usage: Take a couple of squeezes of the body oil between your fingers and massage evenly, then apply a thin layer to the skin by gently massaging in circular motions.

In order for your skin to receive enough and evenly the diversity offered by forest microbe extract, we recommend using forest microbe cosmetics daily on the skin. You get the best result when you use forest microbe products on the skin of the whole body.

If you use cortisone products, you should use the forest microbe product only after the cortisone course, when the skin has healed.

Ingredients: Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Macadamia integrifolia seed oil, Prunus Amygdalas Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Humus Extract (Re- Connecting Nature® forest extract)

Producer: Saaren Taika, Särkisalo

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Soap factory

Saaren Taika® products are manufactured by hand at the Perniön Soap Factory

In Perniö, we produce zero waste cosmetics, which means that no waste is generated from the raw materials.

All of the raw material that goes into Taiketahta's production is used in its entirety, down to the last crumb. This way natural resources are not consumed unnecessarily!

Saaren Taika has used EKOenergia-labeled wind electricity in all its possible locations since the beginning of its operation.

The use of wind electricity curbs climate change, which may be accelerated by the use of fossil fuels.

With our own solar power plant, we now produce a large part of the electricity used in product design and in the production of Särkisalo.