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Saaren Taika Laundry pegs – A pioneer of naturalness and ecology

Saaren Taika has developed the first Finnish 100% natural laundry detergents. Saaren Taika laundry detergents are made by our grandmother's hands, carefully handcrafted, in the idyllic island scenery of Särkisalo.

Saaren Taika laundry detergents are the only ones on the market that are not pre-diluted with water, which makes them very sufficient. One tablespoon of laundry vinegar is enough for 7 kg of laundry, so one bottle lasts a long time.

Why choose Saaren Taika Laundry Stick?

Saare taika laundry vinegar is an old-fashioned homemade fabric softener that refreshes and softens your laundry without burdening nature. It keeps hamam towels and microfibre cloths more absorbent than traditional fabric softener, smooths out irritated natural fibers and makes textiles more durable in use.

Furthermore, by regularly using laundry vinegar, you can avoid the musty smell of the washing machine and reduce the need for regular cleaning of the washing machine. Laundry vinegar also cleans your home's plumbing and may even speed up the drying of laundry.

Various uses of laundry detergent

Saaren Taika's laundry vinegar can be used not only as a traditional rinse agent, but also, for example, as a freshening spray for dusty textiles, a cleaning spray or an ironing spray by diluting it in a spray bottle.

Genuine scents from nature

Saaren Taika laundry vinegars are made from natural spirit vinegar made using the traditional fermentation method and from genuine essential oils from nature, so they are completely natural and their scents are unique.

The end result is genuine laundry vinegar made from natural ingredients in traditional old-time scents and in the most special enchanting scent combinations.

Saaren Taia's old-fashioned laundry vinegar Lavender refreshes textiles and softens laundry. Its fresh, naturally derived scent is also suitable for most people who are sensitive to perfumes.

Thanks to its fresh scent, the beloved Lavender laundry vinegar has been a lasting favorite of our customers for a long time.

Numerous of our customers have left rave reviews about Saaren Taika Lavender laundry vinegar.

"Lavender in laundry vinegar has a wonderful light scent, a musty smell left the laundry and the machine!"

"Lavender laundry vinegar leaves a wonderful fresh scent on the clothes. As if it had been dried outside. The product also makes the laundry wonderfully soft. Now it's a pleasure to do laundry!"

"I would no longer leave Saari Taika laundry vinegar out of my laundry routine! The laundry becomes wonderfully fresh-smelling, soft and the whole family agrees!"

Saaren Taika Laundry Vinegar Lavender - 100% handmade laundry vinegar that gives textiles a fresh breeze

Lavender Laundry vinegar smells like fresh lavender. It is particularly suitable as a refreshing spray for stuffy textiles and for use as a fabric softener for bedding.

Lavender essential oil is antibacterial and antiseptic. It effectively removes odors and is soothing at the same time. Lavender essential oil also repels insects.

Product description

The strength of the scent is medium mild 2/5.

Size: 500 ml

Contains: Spirit vinegar (acetic acid 9 – <10%) Natural lavender essential oil as fragrance

Ingredients: Spirit vinegar (acetic acid 9 – <10%) Lavandula Angustifolia Oil, *linalool (*occurs naturally in essential oil). Contains lavender extract (Lavandula angustifolia oil). May cause an allergic reaction.

The product does not contain any added water.

Saaren Taika: A handmade fall from Särkisalo

Saaren Taika laundry vinegar is made in Särkisalo, where it is handmade by our grandmother. We are proud of the high quality and ecological nature of our products.

Saaren Taika laundry vinegar experiences

Operating instructions with QR code

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Soap factory

Saaren Taika® products are manufactured by hand at the Perniön Soap Factory

In Perniö, we produce zero waste cosmetics, which means that no waste is generated from the raw materials.

All of the raw material that goes into Taiketahta's production is used in its entirety, down to the last crumb. This way natural resources are not consumed unnecessarily!

Saaren Taika has used EKOenergia-labeled wind electricity in all its possible locations since the beginning of its operation.

The use of wind electricity curbs climate change, which may be accelerated by the use of fossil fuels.

With our own solar power plant, we now produce a large part of the electricity used in product design and in the production of Särkisalo.