Saaren Taika pioneered the development of the market's first soda-free, vegan and natural cream deodorants!

      Saaren Taika cream deodorants offer truly effective and non-irritating help for sweating, whether it's the sensitive area of ​​the armpits, the soles of the feet, "tit sweat" or "ball sweat". Choose a soda-free cream deodorant for sensitive skin! Use a hygienic spatula or dispensing spoon to dispense cream deodorant.

      Saaren Taika Cream deodorant Tyrni and Scentless Forest microbe lotion are UNISEX, organic, vegan, aluminum-free and soda-free.

      Our cream deodorant has been developed for sensitive skin for everyday use. The ingredients used in them support skin health, neutralize skin bacteria and moisturize the skin.

      Our selection includes both soda-free and moderately soda-containing ones, both of which are very well tolerated.

      The best aluminum-free deodorant contains natural active ingredients that prevent sweat odor and are antibacterial!

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