Eczema and rashes


      Eczema is an inflammation of the surface layer of the skin, which continues for a longer time and moves to deeper parts of the skin.

      There are several different types of eczema;

      What makes eczema rash worse?

      Eczema rash is usually aggravated by products that irritate the skin, such as perfumed soaps and lotions, soaps that wash too hard, soaps that contain sulfates, and also stress experienced by the person.

      Also the cold season, dry indoor air, itchy or rough clothes and an unbalanced bacterial strain on the skin.

      Eczema rash treatment

      The most important thing in the treatment of eczema is home care. Daily washing is recommended, as washing removes eczema irritants from your skin, such as dirt, sweat and bacteria.

      Use a mild and moisturizing soap for washing, such as Saaren Taika Tea Tree Soap, which does not dry or irritate the skin. After washing, use a moisturizing and anti-itch cream, such as Saaren Taika Chamomile Shea Cream, which you can apply to the itchy area as often as you like! Avoid factors that aggravate eczema.

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