For dry skin


      Dry skin is caused by an insufficient supply of moisture in the uppermost layer of the skin, i.e. a weakening of the skin's natural moisture balance, or a changed lipid functionality. The skin's weakened protective mechanism can also lead to excessive removal/evaporation of skin moisture.

      Dry skin treatment

      People who suffer from dry skin should make sure that the skin constantly receives moisture and fats from the outside. When it comes to treating dry skin, home care is of primary importance and should be included as a daily routine. Fat prevents moisture from evaporating from the skin and binds moisture to itself. This also serves as protection against external harmful factors.

      Cleansing dry skin with gentle products is important so that the moisturizing ingredients can be properly absorbed and work in the lower layers of the skin.

      Saari Taika natural cosmetics bar soaps moisturize and care for the skin while gently cleaning it. Saari Taika bar soaps have not had the glycerin naturally produced during the saponification process removed, which effectively moisturizes the skin.

      Popular products for dry skin include e.g. Veera Salt Soap, anti-itch Chamomile Shea Butter and Green Tea & Chamomile Bar Shampoo.

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