Conditions for consumers


Saaren Taika online store products are sold by Saaren Taika online store (Topaz oy, Kaukassalontie 70, 25630 Särkisalo) ID 2903504-7

The prices of the products presented in the online store include value added tax of 24%.

We reserve the right to change prices and shipping costs.


The products are ordered via the internet from the online store.

All orders placed in our online store or in other ways are binding.

Change order

You can change your order as long as the order has not been processed. Once the order has been completed, you can no longer add or change products. The order has been completed when you have received an email informing you that the order has been completed.

Offer prices

The offer prices are only valid for the product lot in stock at the time of the offer, i.e. the offers are valid as long as there are enough items in the stock during the offer's validity period. The offers are only valid for new orders and those orders where a discount code has been used, the discount will not be refunded afterwards. Only one discount code can be used for an order at a time. The discount code for free delivery is only valid for domestic deliveries, does not apply to Åland.

Gift card

-Gift cards are available in the value of 20, 50, 100 and 125 euros.

-Gift card is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

-Gift card is valid for the entire Saari Taika Shop selection.

-The amount loaded on the gift card can be used in parts or all at once

-You can only use one gift card per order


cannot be used with the

gift card

-A gift card purchased from an online store cannot be used as a means of payment in the store.

-A gift card bought in a store cannot be used as a means of payment in the online store.

-The gift card cannot be used to buy another gift card.

-The gift card cannot be exchanged for money, and a lost or stolen card cannot be replaced.

-Once the gift card has expired, the card cannot be used to pay for purchases and the unused value will not be returned.

-Possible discount/advantage codes cannot be used to purchase a gift card.

-If the gift card is given to another person, it is the Customer's responsibility to inform them of the terms of use related to the gift card.


We deliver orders via Posti and Matkahuolto. In order to notify of the arrival of the order, the transport company needs a working mobile phone number. Orders are delivered to the transport company as a rule 1-2 business days after the order, in busy seasons the delivery time may be a little longer. Normally, orders placed before 10 a.m. on a weekday still have time to leave with same-day shipping. Deliveries are subject to the Force majeure clause

The subscriber is responsible for the correctness of the information he provides

Check that the information you entered is correct. The sender is not responsible if your package is delivered or handed over to the wrong person based on the information you provided. As a subscriber, you are responsible for the correctness of the contact information you provide.

Delivery Method

We deliver products via Posti and Matkahuolto. Due tocongestion situations with transport companies (mostly during high season), shipments may be diverted to another pick-up point nearby. The online store cannot influence this and is therefore not responsible for them.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs are added to the prices according to the respective price list. Free delivery campaigns do not apply to deliveries to foreign countries or the Åland Islands.



Unclaimed package

We charge €7.90 for the return of an undelivered package, and for resending a fee according to our current price list.If the customer cancels the order that has not been picked up, we will deduct the original shipping costs of the package and the costs caused by the return of €7.90 from the refundable purchase amount

Not picking up the package is not a refund. From the price of an order returned undelivered, we will deduct a total of €15 from the amount to be returned to the customer for our delivery costs and the costs incurred for the return.

For not picking up a package abroad, we charge a total of €30.

Problem situations during transport and regarding defective products

If the product is lost or damaged during transport, upon receiving the shipment, the recipient must ask the transport company to record the damage in the tracking information of the shipment and keep the product and the packaging for inspection by the transport company. If the reduction or damage of the package is externally noticeable, the recipient must complain about it to the transport company when handing over the package. If the reduction or damage is not externally noticeable, a reminder must be given in writing within seven days of receiving the shipment, excluding the handover day, public holidays, May Day and Independence Day. If the recipient is a consumer within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act, a reminder must be made within a reasonable time (14 days) of receiving the package. Compensation will only be paid for the delay in delivery if Matkahuolto has been notified in writing within 21 days of the day the package was available for collection by the recipient. If notification of the damage is neglected, the right to sue is lost."

If the wrong product has been delivered to the customer, the customer must report the error no later than 7 days after receiving the order by e-mail kaskapalvelu@saarentaika.com


The consumer customer has a 14-day right of return. We will deduct the return costs caused by the return by €7.9 from the purchase amount to be returned to the customer.

If the customer returns the entire order, we will deduct the shipping costs from the amount to be returned in accordance with our current price list. If, after the return, the remaining value of the order falls below the free delivery criteria, we will charge the delivery costs for the remaining order according to our current price list and the selected delivery method.

The customer is responsible for returning the product in its original sales condition. The price of the product will only be refunded after the condition of the product has been checked. We reserve the right to deduct part of the amount to be refunded if the product is damaged, substantially changed or reduced.

The room fragrance can only be restored if the sticks have not been dipped in fragrance liquid. If you want to try smelling the room fragrance, open its plastic protective cap and smell the bottom of the cap, so you can get an idea of ​​the scent.

Opened cosmetic products cannot be returned for hygiene reasons.

, Reason of returning. Products returned with missing information will not be processed. The money will not be returned if the return has not been agreed in advance. The return will not be processed if the information is incomplete and or the return has not been agreed with customer service.

Always ask for a receipt for the return, as a lost return will not be refunded if the customer does not have proof of return.

We process returns within 1-14 business days after the package is returned.

Not picking up the package is not a refund.From the price of an order returned undelivered, we will deduct our shipping costs and the costs incurred from the return from the amount to be returned to the customer, a total of €15

Terms of the loyalty system

Joining as a regular customer is done by creating a customer account in Saaren Taia's online store. Registering in the online store automatically connects you as a regular customer. If you have previously created a customer account in our online store, you do not need to take any additional steps to become a regular customer.

Joining as a regular customer is completely free and does not bind you to anything. Only an individual can become a loyal customer. You need a working e-mail address for loyalty.

Gathering reeds

We do not collect loyalty points, but reeds. For every purchase you make in the online store, you get reeds, which you can use as a discount on future orders. It is also possible to collect reeds in other ways.

  • For every euro in the order, ten reeds are accumulated, so for example, for an order costing €50, you get 500 reeds.
  • You get 10 reeds as soon as you become a regular customer.
  • On your birthday, we remember you with 50 reeds.

Using reeds

Once you have collected a certain number of reeds, you will be able to redeem your loyalty reward for your next order. You can check the number of points and how many points you still need for a certain award on your own pages.

Number of reeds



10% off


€10 discount


20% off


€25 discount


€50 discount

The loyalty system is in the pilot phase

The loyal customer system is being tested in Saaren Taia's online store on July 1. - 30.9.2022. After this, we will tell you whether the loyalty system will continue to be used. If the use does not continue, the accumulated reeds will be removed from the customers, and they can no longer be used in future orders.

Loyalty System Terms

  • The loyalty program is only available in the online store. Reeds are not accumulated from purchases made in Mylly or Perniö stores, and reeds cannot be used in these stores either.
  • Loyal customer benefits cannot be combined with other discount codes for the same order.
  • Purchases in the loyalty system cannot be recorded afterwards if the purchase is made without logging in.
  • If the order is returned, the accumulated reeds will be removed from the customer's account.