Atopic skin


      In the treatment of atopic skin the most important thing is to remember effective moisturizing, which can be used to maintain the surface layer of atopic skin. This helps the skin retain its moisture and protect itself from inflammation and infection. Moisturized skin prevents itching and rashes.

      Treatment of atopic skin

      Treat your atopic skin with products that are as natural as possible and products that do not contain commonly known skin irritants, such as strong chemical preservatives, sulfates (SLS), strong perfumes (parfum), etc.

      Atopic, sensitive and dry skin should be washed. So don't avoid soap for nothing, because the air pollution, dirt and sweat accumulated on the surface of the skin during the day are equally bad for your skin.

      So wash dry skin regularly, but choose a soap suitable for dry skin, such as one of the moisturizing Saari Taika Salt Soaps or A liquid tea tree soap containing Aloe Vera.

      Moisturize with natural face and body creams and prevent moisture from evaporating with face and body oil.

      See our blog tips for treating atopic skin.

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