Saaren Taika, 100% domestic natural cosmetics


      The handmade Saari Taika natural cosmetics products are designed especially for sensitive and highly reactive skin and for treating difficult skin problems.

      High-quality raw materials make the products effective and functional.

      In addition to skin care products, the Saari Taika product family includes ecological products related to home care.

      Saaren Taika Natural cosmetics and eco-cleaning products are 100% biodegradable and 100% natural natural cosmetics.

      Natural cosmetic products and eco-cleaning products are handmade in Särkisalo and Perniö. Saaren Taika brand products have Avainlippu (does not apply to sister brands Professional, Ecolution, or Decor). The COSMOS certificate is currently being applied for the products of the Saaren Taika brand.

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