POD, i.e. Perioral dermatitis, rash around the mouth


      Perioral dermatitis (POD), i.e. rash around the mouth, is most commonly manifested by red bumps that appear around the mouth and on the side of the nose. Perioral dermatitis pimples are persistent and do not seem to heal on their own.

      The exact cause of POD is not certain, but it belongs to the same disease family as rosacea. Some cortisones are known to worsen the rash around the mouth, as well as large temperature fluctuations and UV radiation from the sun.

      Perioral dermatitis is treated with gentle skin care products with only a few ingredients. Avoid cleaning products that contain alcohol and products that contain sulfates. Also, don't block your pores with creams that are too thick.

      Saaren Taika Tea Tree Soap and Saaren Taika Thorn Luxury Spa Soap have brought relief to many POD sufferers. Choose the fragrance-free Aloe Vera 24H moisturizer as its companion, which contains non-clogging shea butter and skin-soothing oat seed oil.

      How to soothe Perioral Dermatitis, i.e. itching around the mouth
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