Forest microbe cosmetics


      Give your skin a forest bath with the Forest microbe skin care set and help restore your skin's microbiome balance, resulting in beautiful, healthier skin!

      The skin microbiome has a greater connection to our health than previously understood. According to scientists, the explosive increase in autoimmune diseases such as allergies, asthma, type 1 diabetes and atopy may be related to the fact that people have a cleaner growth and living environment.

      Modern man no longer has enough contact with nature, through which he would be exposed to various microbes on a daily basis. Researchers around the world have found that a diverse microbial environment has an effect on the prevalence of various diseases. The more diverse the microbes, the fewer diseases.

      Uute Scientific Oy carried out an in vivo study in which it was found that a cream containing Re-Connecting Nature® extract strengthens the skin's protective layer after three weeks of regular use.

      Skincare benefits were already visible in three weeks as the skin's higher stress tolerance.

      Using products containing the extract has several benefits for the skin:

      • helps restore the skin's natural microbiome balance
      • strengthens the skin's protective layer
      • supports the diversity of the skin's natural microbiome
      • supports the function of the skin's protective layer by reducing the amount of pro-inflammatory cytokines that have been linked to disorders of the skin's protective layer in several studies
      • helps maintain the normal function of the skin's protective layer and the formation of collagen in aging skin and in stressful life situations
      • accelerates skin renewal and repair
      • relieves skin redness and irritation

      Maintaining the balance of the skin microbiome has a great impact on the health of our skin and our body's resistance.

      The Re-Connecting Nature® microbial extract, developed in Finland, gives a rich and diverse microbial exposure and is particularly suitable for those who lack a daily, versatile connection to nature.

      Saaren Taika Metsämicrobi skin care series products:

      • contain Re-Connecting Nature® forest microbe extract
      • are 100% natural
      • do not contain dyes
      • do not contain preservatives
      • do not contain artificial chemicals
      • do not contain artificial fragrances
      • and not ingredients that most commonly cause skin irritation