Rosacea, i.e. rosacea, often appears on the skin, e.g. puffy or hot flushing of the cheeks. Skin with rosacea may also suffer from pimples, dryness or sensitivity.

      Rose acne, i.e. rosacea

      Rosacea, or rosacea occurs in the Finnish adult population up to one in ten, if even the mild symptoms of rosacea are taken into account. You can be exposed to rosacea due to hereditary factors, but also because there are abnormalities in the person's immune defenses and the regulation of the inflammation of the surface blood vessels of the skin.

      Rosacea skin treatment at home

      For rosy skin, the most important thing is skin care products that calm the skin condition, gentle moisturizing, and skin care products that restrain the formation of new impurities. In Saari Taia's selection of natural cosmetics, you can find e.g. facial lotions that smooth skin tone differences and creams that soothe skin redness. Below is a selection of skin care products recommended for rosacea skin.

      Rose skin care experiences with Saari Taika products

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