Impure skin


      Unclean skin is often prone to acne, blackheads or pimples. Sometimes the appearance of pimples can be related to hormonal activity, sometimes to age, but often it can also be the result of too bad or too much skin care.

      Unclean skin should be cleaned sufficiently, but not too much. Products for impure skin should be chosen according to your skin type, i.e. whether your skin is dry, dry on the bottom & oily on the surface, oily, or mixed skin (oily T-zone, otherwise dry).

      Clean impure skin in the morning and in the evening. Dirt, dust and air pollution accumulated in the skin pores during the day should be carefully cleaned in the evening, because the skin renews itself at night and is then most receptive to the active ingredients of skin care products. The best cleanser for impure skin is the natural and organic antibacterial Saaren Taika Tea Tree Soap, which does not dry the skin, as many other similar products do.

      Moisturize effectively, whether your skin is dry or oily! Facial water is the most effective moisturizer in the skin care routine, because it contains the most water that the skin needs. Use a serum depending on your skin type. Hyaluronic acid serum provides plenty of hydration while helping to smooth lines. Retinol serum, on the other hand, suppresses the formation of pimples in the long term, while it evens out skin tone differences and fights against signs of aging.

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