Saaren Taika is a registered trademark owned by Topaz Oy.


Topaz Oy was founded in March 2018 as a continuation of the previously operating business name company. Johanna, the creator of the Saaren Taika brand, had founded her company in 2013.

Suffering from depression for a long time, Johanna found an escape in photography, which later turned into a company selling photo products and later into an online store selling artisan products, which eventually gave birth to Saaren Taika products and the brand.

You can read the whole story on our website.

Topaz Oy ID number: 2903504-7

Address: Kaukassalontie 70, 25630 Särkisalo. (No direct sales or customer visits)

Factory store and warehouse: Heikkiläntie 2b30, 25500 Perniö. (See opening hours on our website!)

Soap factory: Heikkiläntie 2b29, 25500 Perniö. (No direct sales or customer visits)