For sensitive skin


      Sensitive skin is one that reacts to cosmetic products, different weather conditions, such as cold, sun, wind and rapid weather changes, but without clear visible clinical reasons.

      Symptoms may be e.g. tingling of the skin, heating, itching, a feeling of tightening the skin or even pain on the skin, but the skin does not have permanent visible symptoms, i.e. peeling, redness, dryness, etc., but these can be noticed momentarily.

      There are an increasing number of people suffering from sensitive skin, and the majority of women describe their skin as sensitive, and about half of men too.

      Sensitive skin care

      For the treatment of sensitive or sensitive skin, we recommend products that are as natural as possible and products that do not contain commonly known skin irritants, such as strong chemical preservatives, sulfates (SLS), strong perfumes (parfum), etc.

      Saari Taika products are developed for sensitive skin and are suitable for most people with sensitive skin.

      Popular products for sensitive skin include e.g. Saaren Taika Tea Tree Soap, Veera Salt Soap, anti-itch Chamomile Shea Cream and Green Tea & Chamomile Bar Shampoo.

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