Saaren Taika skogsmikrobi Hudvård


      Give your skin a forest bath with skin microbiology and help restore your skin's microbiome balance, which will result in beautiful, healthy skin!

      Bringing in daily contact with nature, especially in the urban environment, affects people's health and well-being. It is rare that many challenges are caused by changes in the human microbiome, i.e. the microbial balance in the skin and gut.

      When there is no connection with nature, our microbiome changes and our body does not clear anymore to protect us so well from external stress factors and then there is a skin problem.

      Re-Connecting Nature® skogextract

      Re-Connecting Nature®

      • Hjälper till att säätää hudens nativla microbombalans
      • Ger en mosztejen att knyta an till rik biologik bilogg.
      • Stöder hudens protectiontande funktioner
      • Hjälper till att oka kollagenproduktionen i åldrande hud
      • Hjälper till att påskynda hudens förnyelse och läkning Minskar rodnad och irritation av solbränd hud
      • Lämplig för alla hudtyper, including sensitive hud