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Saaren Taika hamam towels: Wrap yourself in the embrace of softness

Relax in the embrace of a soft Saaren Taika hamam towel. These large and absorbent towels are authentic Turkish craftsmanship that has been passed down from generation to generation.

"For more than 60 years of my life, I believed that a terry towel was a superior skin dryer after sauna and shower. Then I accidentally used a hammam towel. I don't believe anymore. The hamam towel has a more appropriate thickness, absorbs moisture incredibly well, fits into a smaller space, i.e. it is easier to take with you than a peaty terry towel. Being relatively thin and airy, the hamam towel also dries quickly. If you could say that a towel oozes perfection, then this towel does.”

“I had put off buying towels forever. I saw an ad for a company and tapped hamam towels into the shopping cart without knowing what they were. They have been a positive surprise, the best towels I have ever used! The towel is pleasantly light, dries really quickly, already very absorbent (it should obviously become even more absorbent and beautiful with use! I refuse to use other towels anymore."

“I'm really satisfied with the hamam towel I ordered! Beautiful color, suitable for a small space and very absorbent! On a trip to the swimming pool, the bag doesn't fill up with a big towel and the towel also dries quickly. The size is also really appropriate. I can see that the towel is also suitable for a picnic, the beach..."

Genuine Turkish cotton

Saari Taika hamam towels are made from genuine Turkish cotton, which has longer fibers than regular cotton. The extra-long cotton fibers make the fabric feel thin and smooth, but it is still more absorbent than many other materials. Because of this, Turkish cotton is often used in luxury hotels due to its high quality and pleasant feel.

Multipurpose hamam towel

A hamam towel is not only a bath towel. It can also be used as a picnic blanket, scarf, sarong, beach towel and many other handy everyday textiles. It is highly absorbent and dries quickly, making it perfect for travel, cabin, boat, backpacking or school!

Hamam towel vs. terry towel

Hamam towel differs from terry towel in many ways. Hammam towels are flat handwoven cotton, while terry towels are a tufted weave. Hamam towels are thin, but more absorbent than terry towels. In addition, the absorbency and drying speed of the hamam towel improve the more you wash it, while the terry towel starts to lose its absorbency from the very first washes.

Soft luxury

A soft hamam towel is gentle on your skin and hair. It is especially suitable for sensitive skin and reduces hair wear compared to a traditional terry towel. By using a hammam towel, you can dry yourself significantly less than with a traditional terry towel, so your skin is spared from excessive "rubbing" and feels better.

Hamam towel care

Hamam towel should be pre-washed by soaking it in lukewarm water for a few hours or overnight so that the long cotton fibers open up and reach their absorbency. Some hamam towels may need several washes before reaching full absorbency, but that's only a good thing: a genuine Turkish hamam towel only gets better as it wears!

You can find detailed washing instructions on our website: www.saarentaika.com/hamam-pyyhkeiden-pesu

Quality and Durability

Saari Taika Hamam towels are Oeko-Tex certified cotton. Weavers who are skilled with their hands work in good working conditions and are insured. Like all natural materials, cotton and bamboo also shrink somewhat when washed. Our hamam towels may shrink by about 10% in the first washes.

Manufacturer and Country of Manufacture

Manufacturer: Saaren Taika, Särkisalo

Country of manufacture is Turkey

We deliver all products from our warehouse in Pernio. Orders placed before 10 a.m. on weekdays are generally shipped the same day. Our delivery time is 1-2 business days.

We use Posti and Matkahuolto.

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