Recycling of our packaging

Did you know that you can now recycle our packaging and earn points, namely Saaren Taika products now have a deposit!

Use the deposit feature of empty Saari Taika packages with the BOWER smartphone app.

How does Bower recycling work?

  1. First download the Bower app to your mobile phone
  2. When your Saaren Taika product has run out, scan the package's barcode at home and Sort it. Plastic containers, milk cans, metal cans - you can recycle anything with a barcode on Bower. Scan the barcodes when you get ready to recycle.
  3. Go to your nearest recycling point. Add your own container or local recycling point to the Bower app if you can't find them on the map.
  4. Recycle and redeem your points. Confirm your location in the app. As a reward, you get points or money to transfer to your bank account, to donate to charity or to get a discount on your future purchases.